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Research Experience

Criminal Justice Research Experience

Course Section Course Title Instructor
CJ 1310 251 INTRO TO CJ Blevins, Mallorie
CJ 1310 252 INTRO TO CJ Descartes, Elisa
CJ 1310 253 INTRO TO CJ Blevins, Mallorie
CJ 3346 251 RESRCH IN CRIM JST Withrow, Brian
CJ 3346 252 RESRCH IN CRIM JST Withrow, Brian
CJ 3346 253 RESRCH IN CRIM JST Brimbal, Laure
CJ 3346 254 RESRCH IN CRIM JST Jones, Angela
CJ 3347 251 STATS FOR CRIM JUS Roche, Sean Patrick
CJ 3347 252 STATS FOR CRIM JUS Duron, Aaron
CJ 3347 253 STATS FOR CRIM JUS Chai, April
CJ 3347 254 STATS FOR CRIM JUS Vasquez, Bob
CJ 3347 255 STATS FOR CRIM JUS Martaindale, Hunter

Criminal Justice Research Experience: Participant Guidelines

Students enrolled in these sections are required to engage in research experience. There are two options for gaining this research experience: one involves participation in research studies whereas the other does not. The two options are described more fully in this handout.

You must complete four research experience credits by Tuesday, May 2, 2023 by 5pm. To obtain research experience credits by participating in a research study, please use the handout above to log into

Students will be able to log in on the first day of class. However, it is at each researcher’s discretion when they post studies. Therefore, students should frequently log in to see what studies are available.

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