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SONA Subjects Pool

Researchers wishing to conduct research using the Criminal Justice Department Human Subjects Pool at Texas State University should complete the following steps:

  1.  Read the Researcher Guidelines.
  2.  Submit a proposal to the Texas State University Institutional Review Board (IRB) at
  3.  Complete the Human Subjects Pool application here
  4.  Submit the completed Human Subjects Pool application form and a copy of the IRB approval form via email to:
  5.  If approved, the primary researcher will be notified via email. The researcher can then begin recruiting participants using the web site: If the application is not approved, an explanation will be provided via email.

Only researchers affiliated with Texas State University are permitted to use the Human Subjects Pool. Requests from researchers outside of the Criminal Justice Department may apply for consideration to use the Human Subjects Pool. For details, please send email to: