Three New Faculty to Join School in 2024

The School of Criminal Justice and Criminology is proud to welcome three new faculty members for the 2024–25 academic year. Learn more about each of our new faculty below. 

Dr. Elisa Toman

A picture of Dr. Elisa Toman smiling

Elisa Toman earned her Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in 2017. Dr. Toman previously worked as an Associate Professor at Sam Houston State University. Her research focuses on critical assessments of the justice system, sentencing patterns, experiences with the corrections system, and the overlap of environmental injustices and carceral spaces. Dr. Toman’s scholarly work has been published in the field’s leading journals and recognized by the American Society of Criminology (ASC) and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). Her teaching has also been recognized by the College of Criminal Justice at SHSU.  

Dr. Amanda Graham

A picture of Dr. Amanda Graham smiling

Amanda Graham earned her Ph.D. in 2019 from the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. She previously worked as Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Georgia Southern University. Her research interests focus on policing, fear of police brutality, the impact of race in police-community relationships, police legitimacy, and measurement. Her work appears in journals such as Criminology, Criminal Justice Review, Policing: An International Journal, and Victims & Offenders. She teaches in the areas of policing, statistics, research methods, and criminal justice.

Dr. Wyatt Brown

An image of Dr. Wyatt Brown

Wyatt Brown brings more than a decade of experience in both teaching and research, with a specialized focus on the disparities within the criminal justice system. His interests are driven by the expanded use of punishment and the consequent inequalities that have surfaced in the past decades. He is skilled in the creation and validation of theoretical models related to human behavior and the corrections system. Additionally, he has substantial experience utilizing both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection and analysis.