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Retirement & Memorial Celebration - June 3rd, 2022

On Friday June 3rd, current and former faculty and students, family, and friends of the School gathered together at the San Marcos Activity Center on East Hopkins Street to honor the following special people who had retired over the prior two years:

  • Dr. Marcus Felson
  • Dr. Tomas Mijares
  • Dr. Wayman Mullins
  • Dr. David Perkins
  • Ms. Andrea Shimek
  • Dr. William Stone

The assembled also mourned Dr. Mitchell Chamlin, who passed away suddenly in the summer of 2021.  

Honorees, smiling together
Memorial for Dr. Chamlin
Drs. Roche, Brimbal, and Logan
Drs. Felson and Logan talking
Current doctoral students and partners smiling
Cheri, Andi, and others laughing
Drs. Arnio, Bowman, and Tillotson, with partners
Drs. Sellers and Saunders, accepting award for Dr. Chamlin
Drs. Rossmo and Felson
Drs. Williams and Mijares
Drs. Perkins and Jamieson
Drs. Stone and Supancic
Dr. Mullins and Supancic


Careers in the Federal Bureau of Investigation - February 11th, 2021

Photo of Richard Garcia smiling
FBI Special Agent Richard Garcia (Ret.)



Presentation Flyer

Presentation Handout

Video Recording