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Conference Posters

Conference Poster Templates

Below you will find a School of Criminal Justice and Criminology Poster Template for poster presentations at the various criminal justice conferences. This template is designed to efficiently print on the plotter in the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology. To the left of the template you will find document elements that may be utilized to add additional headings, text boxes, or even additional columns if you desire a five column poster. Additionally, this is merely a template. You can delete or move as many of the pre-placed section headings as you deem necessary.

The section headings were intentionally left blank. Every poster will be different based on the amount and type of information presented. Suggested section headings include: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Sample, Instrument, Measures, Findings, Tables, Summary of Findings, Future Research, and any sub heading that is needed to adequately display your research.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact Sarah Braasch ( Sarah can also help you print your poster. It is important to finish your design early so there is adequate time to print all the posters before a conference. While the plotter rarely is offline, it is possible that something can break and it would be unfortunate for this to happen right before a conference.

A basic poster example is also included below.

Poster Example (PPTX, 326 KB)