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CJ Course Override Request Form


  • Please attempt to register for your class(es) before submitting this form; an override may have already been applied to your account based on your degree audit.
  • Please note that we can only provide overrides for classes with the "CJ" prefix.
  • You can review a list of Criminal Justice courses in the course catalog. Prerequisite information is listed at the end of each course description.


Course overrides are granted: 

  • in the order in which they are received 
  • to allow you to register for any OPEN section 

After receiving an email indicating that you were granted a course override, you must go back and register for the course to add it to your schedule.

The section of a course for which you are seeking an override may be closed by the time your override is processed.


To request approval for master's-level courses (starting with CJ 5___), instead of completing the form below, please email


Type of Override
Please explain in justification section
I Understand that falsifying information on this form is a violation of the Texas State University Honor Code. *