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Doctoral Required Courses

The Ph.D. in Criminal Justice requires students to complete, at minimum, 51 credit hours. Below is a list of required courses and advising checklist. For course descriptions please follow this link: Ph.D. Course Descriptions

Doctoral of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
Texas State University
Advising Checklist

First-Year Required Courses 12
CJ 7311 Advanced Criminological Theory  
CJ 7320 Quantitative Research Methods  
CJ 7321 Linear Regression for Criminal Justice Research  
CJ 7323 Applied Statistics and Quantitative Data Analysis  
Area Electives 12
Criminal Justice System (Choose one of the following)  
CJ 7310 Philosophy of Law, Justice, and Social Control  
CJ 7312 Criminal Justice Ethics, Administration, and Public Policy  
CJ 7314 Policing  
CJ 7315 Corrections  
Advanced Statistics (Choose one of the following)  
CJ 7350A Forecasting, Trend Analysis, and Data Interpretation  
CJ 7350E Discrete Multivariate Models  
CJ 7350I Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling  
Advanced Research Methods (Choose one of the following)  
CJ 7322 Advanced Research for Planning and Evaluation  
CJ 7330 Qualitative Research Methods  
CJ 7336 Survey Research Methods for Criminal Justice  
Nature and Causes of Crime (Choose one of the following)  
CJ 7313 Race and Ethnicity in Crime and Criminal Justice  
CJ 7350F Environmental Criminology  
CJ 7350G Seminar in Macro Criminology  
CJ 7350L Sex Offenders: Theory, Research & Policy  
Other Electives 12
(Choose four courses from below, or above courses not chosen to meet requirements)  
CJ 7331 Law and Behavioral Science  
CJ 7332 Law and Public Policy  
CJ 7333 Legal and Legislative Research  
CJ 7334 Organizational Theory  
CJ 7335 Criminal Justice Leadership and Management  
CJ 7337 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Philosophies, and Public Policy  
CJ 7350B Academic Scholarship and Communication  
CJ 7350C Qualitative Data Collection, Coding, and Analysis  
CJ 7350D Ethnography of Criminal Justice  
CJ 7350J Advanced Methodological Paradigms in Criminal Justice  
CJ 7350K Criminal Justice Forecasting and Policy Analysis  
CJ 7360 Independent Study  
Additional Requirement 3
CJ 7309 Proseminar  
Dissertation 12
CJ 7199 Dissertation  
CJ 7299 Dissertation  
CJ 7399 Dissertation  
CJ 7599 Dissertation  
CJ 7699 Dissertation  
CJ 7999 Dissertation  
Total Hours 51